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Product Name 2 in 1 RF Skin Tightening Machine
Type VBLB056
Voltage 110-240V 50-60Hz
RF frequency 5MHz
Probe 1 pcs
Heads number 2 pcs
Heads Types Big one for face treatment, Small one for eyes treatment
RF frequency 0.5-1MHz

RF Beauty Machine Features
Home use style
Two size of probes
Adjustable energy
Painless and noninvasive

RF Beauty Machine Principle
This device delivers RF energy of 5 MHz, which delivers a uniform heating effect into the deep dermis and underlying tissues. When the collagen and fiber layer absorb the thermal energy and reach teh temperature of 45℃-60℃, the skin collagen will regenerate and the akin will be tightened at once, which achieves the effect of wrinkle removing and face lifting.

RF Face lift machine Functions
Wrinkle smoothing
Skin firming
Removing dark circles
Face lifting
Shrinking pores
Improve skin elasticity

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