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Vacuum Therapy Machines for Buttocks and Breast Lift

If you’re looking a machine to detox the body through vacuum lymphatic drainage, reduce the appearance of cellulite, or offer Colombian Butt Lift and Wonder Breast Lift, vacuum therapy machine will be your best choice.

Vacuum Therapy Machine stimulates blood circulation in any area of concern, unblocking energy channels and breaking down fat cells as well. Medical professionals use it for many purposes, such as to relieve pain and inflammation, and estheticians mostly use to provide deep-tissue massages. In addition, it is used for lymphatic drainage after slimming treatments. In recent years cupping, has been growing in popularity, especially among celebrities.It is also an excellent method for encouraging the lymphatic system to remove toxins and excess water from the body.

Vacuum therapy for butt lift and breasts lift is a therapeutic treatment that is not invasive. The use of a vacuum therapy machine is necessary to make this treatment. It is made by using suction cups that suck the skin and muscles to create a simulation of it and irrigate the blood vessels. This will allow the skin to look natural and firm.

The Advantage of Vacuum Therapy

The number one advantage of vacuum therapy is that its effects are very fast. Indeed, you will have a firming and raising of the buttocks or breasts from the first session. The goal of the gluteal lift or breast lift is to enlarge these areas of the body by concentrating your fat using a suction device with suction cups. In fact, the vacuum therapy machine will suck your buttocks or breasts to make sure that the fat firmens them and gives them lasting and permanent toning.

Much more efficient than a traditional method, the use of a vacuum therapy machine will allow you to fetch the fatty tissue very deeply and move them along your thighs, to bring them to your buttocks, in addition, to offer more volume, this will even allow the elimination of cellulite on your legs. The same method is also possible for a breast lift.

Vacuum therapy Machine gives shape and volume to the gluteal muscle using the suction system of the machine. Greases in the region are solicited and will be lodged behind the gluteal muscles that, lifted by the suction of the machine, are now well curved in appearance. This lifting technique accelerates the production of collagen and stimulates growth hormones. The pituitary is also stimulated by the technique which results in the production of hormones that help to develop the buttocks and improve the shape of it. The vacuum therapy machine also offers an anti-cellulite effect on the buttocks and thighs.

Other benefits of using these devices are muscle stimulation (equivalent to an exercise session), better skin appearance, lymphatic drainage, eliminating cellulite and other toxicity and providing stimulation of the collagen.

This treatment for breasts and buttocks is ideal to have the silhouette of your dream without needing any surgery (only with suction cups). If you own a business that deals with beauty care, our high-quality booty vacuum machine will help you to offer butt lift to your clients.

Benefits of Slimming Machine With Cupping Therapy

This is a very popular and relaxing treatment, as it combines the benefits of a massage and cupping therapy all in one:

Shapes your tummy, back, thighs, and arms
Reduces cellulite throughout the body
Stimulates blood circulation
Firms skin
Enhances and plumps buttocks
Assists in lymphatic drainage
Promotes collagen production
Removes toxins from the body
Tightens and smoothes the skin
Relaxes muscle
Relieves stress and anxiety
Flushes excess water out of the body

Treatment Tips:

During the first month, you can do one treatment once every two days. Treatment duration can be 15-30 min according to the persons’ condition. During the next month do the same treatment once every four days. After that maintenance treatments may be done once per week.
Keep the machine level at all times, to avoid shaking and collision.
Always turn off the power and pull out plug when washing the machine.
Do not use this machine if you have Any serious heart disease, diabetes, mellitus or hepatitis.
Avoid treatment during menstruation and pregnancy.
Wait at least an hour after eating to do the treatments.
If you suffer from any other serious health conditions please consult your medical provider before doing the treatment.
Wash the filter regularly to ensure optimal machine performance and lifetime.
When pairing with essential oil, don’t apply too much essential oil or other cosmetics, as it may damage the machine.
Following application of the machine, always turn the air pressure to the lowest point.
Following treatment, have a glass of warm water, after resting for a while, enjoy a warm hath to enhance the effect.
You may feel a little bit aching one or two days after treatment, but this is considered normal and should naturally disappear.
Please refer to your instructions manual (included) for more specific details.

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