Mfface Emt Ems Rf Full Face Lifting Machine Ems Massager Face Lift Device Microcurrent Face Lift Tapes Machine 01

Mfface Emt Ems Rf Full Face Lifting Machine Ems Massager Face Lift Device Microcurrent Face Lift Tapes Machine

Model Number MF6
Material ABS, Metal
Target Area Forehead, Eyes Bag, Chin, Cheek, Nape, Body
Warranty 1 Year
Function Face Lifting, Wrinkle Removal,Muscle Stimulation
Input AC100~240V
Packing Size 63*57*129CM, 64KG
Technology HILFES & PCRF
Power 100-200W
Touch Screen 15 Inch

Newest Version MF6 MFFACE
Applies HILFES(High Intensity Low frequency focused Electric stimulation) and PCRF(precision constant Radio frequency),integrating two physical methods to stimulate muscle super contraction and increase collagen production. This innovative technology revitalizes facial support, enhances skin elasticity, subverts traditional approaches, achieves facial fullness and profile enhancement, deciphers the aging code, and deeply activates the anti-aging driving force.

Vline Face is a revolution in facial treatments. Synchronized heat energy output and strong pulsed magnetic technology to
stimulate facial muscles and tighten the skin.The end result is less wrinkles and more lift naturally without needles.

Vline Face produces muscle contraction. Electrical stimulation targets the depolarization of motor nerves, which causes associated muscles to contract. In vline face treatment, the pulse patterns of muscle contraction alternate between forehead or cheek muscle engagement, or both. For the forehead, the frontalis muscle is targeted. For the cheek, three muscles, the zygomaticus major,zygomaticus minor, and risorius muscles are targeted.

A single vline face treatment produces approximately 75,000 electrical pulses that trigger muscle contractions. This is accomplished over about 20 minutes.

Non-surgical Facial treatment-MFFACE Vline Face is HILFES + PCRF technology
Synchronized radio frequency resurfaces and smoothes the skin by heating the dermis and increasing levels of collagen and elastin fibers. Strong pulsed magnetic technology restores and lifts facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles and increasing the density and quality of muscle structures. Clinical studies show an average 26%* increase in collagen, double the amount of elastin in tissues, and a 30%* increase in resting muscle tone. Synchronized heat energy output and strong pulsed magnetic technology reduce wrinkles by 37%* and lift them by 23%.

Operating Position
1. Forehead: Improve forehead lines, lift eyebrows, tail of eyes and upper eyelids, and tighten skin.
2. Eye: Deeply remove eye bags, improve dark circles, reduce wrinkles.
3. Cheek: Remove the lines, prevent lip droop, clear the jaw line, enrich.
the apple muscle, and achieve obvious face thinning effect.
4. Chin (Updated): Effectively remove double chin,Improve jawline.
5. Neck (Updated): Remove cellulite from the back of the neck.
6. Body: Firming and Lifting the body.
The forehead,chin and neck electrodes can be used as body electrodes.
(All handles are disposable !!!)

Two versions can be selected according to the requirements.

The upgrade version is more convenient and efficient.

Advantages of Vline face lifting wrinkle removal machine
* Non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic surgery
* No needles and no invasions
* No fillers and toxins
* New experience and comfort
* Reduces wrinkles
* Lifting of sagging skin
* Slimming and contouring of the face
* Increase collagen and elastin
* Simple 20-minute treatment
* No manual manipulation required

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