360 Degree Rotation Rf Skin Tightening Fat Reduce Deep Fat Removal Radio Frequency Machine 01

360 Degree Rotation Rf Skin Tightening Fat Reduce Deep Fat Removal Radio Frequency Machine

Working Theory
It combined Vacuum+RF+EMS IR+Red light +Fat rotating in one machine. It use the fat rotating probe and RF heat system will help to strip out the broken fat cell from the cellulite .The stripped out cell will also metabolism by the body to achieve body shaping and weight loss effect . Golden fingers facial massage handpiece is combined with EMS and IR function to stimulates skin cell regeneration. and subcutaneous tissue and effectively anti-wrinkle, tighten and lift you skin.

INPUT AC100V~240V 50-60Hz
OEM&ODM Available

Machine Features
1.Core technology: Rotate the fat system around 90° (proprietary technology).
2.Core technology: Multi-pole M.P.RF.5M high frequency fat-dissolving system.
3.Core technology: vacuum fiber optic liposuction mobile system.
4.Core technology: vortex quantum system.
5.Colorful multimedia touch screen, control and star indication care operation.
6.The grease spinning handle adopts a touch screen design, which is intuitive and easy to control.

1. It is the newest treatment technique available to effectively tighten sagging skin and reduce wrinkles and improve skin`s elasticity and brighten skin tone.
2. It offers a unique massage therapy with automatic rotating-head function maximizing the penetration of RF energy in the treatment.
3. It adopts the theory of 3D radio frequency system to penetrate skin directly, using the resistance of skin and high friction between molecule can bring heat energy.
4. It makes the temperature of deep skin rise, collagen tissues temperature will rise, the collagen rising temperature to produce instant contractibility can remove wrinkle quickly and tighten skin.
5. It can be a great alternative to a facial surgical or clinical procedure which can be used to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles on the eye’s around, face, chin, neck, jowls, breast.

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