Professional High-intensity Focused Technology Wrinkle Removal Anti-Wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine 01

Professional High-intensity Focused Technology Wrinkle Removal Anti-Wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine

——It adopts high-intensity focusing technology, using the directivity, penetrability and focalization of ultrasonic waves. And focus it deep into the body.
——Because of the thermal effect at the focal point, it can instantly generate a high temperature of about 60℃-70℃, and start the denaturation mechanism of collagen, that is, it can generate a large number of sustained collagen proliferative capacity.

Modle HI-8D
Row single row, multi row, ring row
Treatment area Full face, lower face, decolletage, abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks
Function Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Removal, Body slimming
Row single row, multi row, ring row
Treatment cartridge Standard(1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm.4.5mm, 5.5mm,6mm, 9.0mm,13mm, )
shots 2,000 —10000 shots/one
N.W. 7 ( kg )
Package Size 51*64*31cm,22kg

Facial Firming
——Powerful tightening, eyebrow lifting, nose and lip fullness

Body Firming
——Lifting to tighten arms, stomach, thighs

Improve skin elasticity
——cell regeneration, elasticity enhancement

FEATURE——Single Line + Multi Line

Single Row

The FL applicator is equipped with six cartridges with different depths.

For one line output, there are
1.5 MM, 3.0 MM, 4.5 MM,
3 depths available in 10,000 shots.

Multi Row

For multiple line output, there are
3.0 MM, 6.0 MM and 13 MM,
3 depths available in 20,000 shots.

For the standard, maximum 8 rows!
For the optional, maximum 12 rows!

FEATURE——360 Single Point Output

Ring Row

For 360 single point output,
there are 1.5 MM and 3.0 MM,
2 depths available in 40,000 shots.

The 360 applicator is exclusively equipped.
The applicator working in 360 degree , and three modes available: eight points, four points and single point. The 360 applicator is more convenient for small area operation, and it is easier and more accurate.

FEATURE——Dual Frequency Technology

Dual Frequency
4 MHz & 7 MHz
Accurately heat up the subcutaneous SMAS fascia layer, dermis layer, epidermis layer and fat layer.

——4 MHz targeted in SMAS layer & deep skin tissue of fat layer.
When energy acts on adipose tissue, fat is softened, contracted and decomposed after absorbing energy, and it can also effectively dissolving fat, slimming and shaping.

——7 MHz targeted in dermis
& epidermis.
When energy acts on skin tissue, it can stimulate collagen proliferation and recombination, lift skin, and solve problems such as sagging and wrinkles caused by skin aging.

FEATURE——Cartridges Identify System

CRS System
——Cartridges identify system, invented and patented by our company, designed only for new version hi 8d fu machine.

——It realize the intelligent control of consumable cartridges for our dealers. And it can help dealers register the cartridges of selling machines.

——Moreover, cartridges sold by different dealers are not universal. It is also a great benefit for dealers to maintain customers.

FEATURE——Additional 120 Shots for Testing

Additional Shots
——Each machine with additional 120 shots for testing.

——The machine also adds the function of restoring factory settings.

——Both restoring settings and additional shots are for dealer to test the machine before handover to the users.

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