3 in 1 Radio Frequency Machine For Face Lifting and Wrinkle Remover

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Product parameter
Product name RF skin lifting face & body & eye beauty machine
Type VBLB056B
RF 2MHZ/bipolar
Output energy 1-15J/cm²
Power consumption 55W
Voltage 100-240V, 0.8(max), 50-60Hz
Output way continuous
Packing size 280*280*130mm
Gross weight 2.0kg
Operating area face, body, eye
Keyword RF

RF working principle
RF skin softening anti-aging device is a non-invasive beauty method which can replace surgery lifting, it is a safe, no side effect, no need to stop working, single course beauty treatment method. This treatment system is characteristic. Not only it has instant skin firming effect, also can achieve the effect of prompting collagen long-lasting regeneration effect. Skin with elasticity, the main reason is skin dermis collagen fiber forming skin frame. Along with the aging of people, busy and tried working, skin collagen secretion decrease, then soft skin begin to be loose, dry and appear wrinkles such problem. Therefore, in order to keep young skin, you must increase collagen.

1. Firm skin.
2. Smooth wrinkles.
3. Whiten skin.
4. Fade dark circles.
5. Smooth eye pouch.
6. Tender eye.
7. Improve skin vitality.
8. Firm and soften arms and legs.
9. Shape good figure.

Application range
1. The people of 8-60 years old, both the male and female.
2. The people with loose skin, face wrinkle.
3. The people who body area skin is loose.
4. Face or body has wrinkles.
5. Women with striae gravidarum.
6. Face acne.
7. Anti-aging(for neck tightening, belly shaping, build leg shape, remove face baby fat)
8. Sagging eyelid.
9. Neck wrinkle, double chin.

1. Accurate treatment
2. Obvious treatment effect
3. Long lasting effect
4. Non-invasive and safe.
5. Easy operating and quick treatment

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