3D Facial Skin Analyzer Magic Mirror UV Skin Analysis Machine

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Eight-spectrum smart skin detector:
This eight-spectrum smart skin detector can detect deep skin problems, including deep pigments, heavy metals, lead and mercury.Let you clearly understand your skin. Generally speaking, your skin under natural light is very good, but when the detector detects the skin in the deep Wu’s light mode, all skin problems have nowhere to hide! Professional skin management expert.

Advantages of eight-spectrum smart skin detector:
Six major technical support!
1. Eight spectrum imaging (RGB white light, positive polarization, negative polarization, UV365, Wu’s light, blue light 405, red light, zong light, comprehensive analysis of skin 14 items of skin indicators)
2. Cloud computing and cloud storage
3. AI automatic face recognition (using artificial intelligence and face recognition algorithms to accurately identify O area, T area, and U area, the data is more accurate and efficient)
4. 28 million high-definition pixels (clearer image, more accurate recognition, more accurate analysis)
5. Deep self-learning (comprehensive large database annotation, accurately identify and analyze various skin problems)
6. 3D simulation technology (3D simulation accurately recognizes facial features and quantitatively analyzes four major problem skins) A high-tech smart skin management system with deep learning technology.

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