7 In 1 Smart Ice Blue H2O2 Hydra Oxygen Aqua Peel Hydro dermabrasion Facial Machine VB701A

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What Is A Hydra Oxygen Facial Care Machine?
This treatment has quickly become one of the most popular treatments of all time. It’s so popular that somewhere in the world, this skin treatment is being performed every 15 seconds! So what is this treatment, and what can it do for your skin?

This treatment is done using a technology hydra oxygen facial care machine, and one reason this treatment is so wildly popular is that it’s a safe and effective way to help almost all skin issues.

1. Intelligent face recognition (swipe your face to log in)
2. Intelligent diagnosis (the system automatically analyzes the detection results)
3. Eight detection items: wrinkles, pores, stains, roughness, oil content, sensitivity, moisture, acne
4.10-megapixel macro camera
5. 3 spectral imaging technology (standard white light, cross-polarized light, UV light three spectra of the skin or scalp surface layer, dermis layer, hair follicles, pores scanning detection. Especially when UV light is used for hair follicle detection can accurately determine the hair follicle Bottom level.)
6. High-resolution and high-definition diagnosis (solving customer facial problems and care)
7. 5G cloud interconnection (follow the applet, enter the membership number to view the cloud detection result report)
8. Highly equipped with 6 nursing probes (fully solving skin problems, timely detection and timely care)
9. High cost performance (compared with market detection equipment, skin management equipment and smart ice blue in one, bringing customers a new technology and beauty experience)
10. Detection and analysis results

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