9 In 1 Microdermabrasion Facial Machine S-01

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Voltage 220V 50HZ
Power 34W
Electric current 2A
Meas 49×35×34.5CM

It uses the electroporation and electroosmosis,to supply nutrition to the deep-speed cells,lymph drainage,promote matabolism,lymph and blood circulation, so as to decrease wrinkles,whiten skin and keep moisture,improve cellulite,quicken fat dissolving and weight loss.Comparing it with the single skin care products,effectively absorb products much highter,throughly solve the problems of products only staying at epidermis,shorten the period of treatment.

Double pole radio frequency beauty function,it employ frequent swtich current.When the current pass through body tissue,it can make effect to the electron and generate the phenomena polarization electron movement and make electron impact other,rotating and twisting,which can generate biology heat energy and increase the temperature deep inside of the can rise and frap skin,whiten and tender skin,control dark sore,reduce wrinkle,frap loose belly after giving birth.

Double pole frequency resonate with body biology electricity,make fat cell break down,frap and release,meanwhile promote lymph system de-toxin and accelerate blood circulation,improve metabolism.It can relax arthrosis and easy muscle pain.

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