Air Cooling Machine – Reduce Pain For Laser Treatment

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Working Principle of skin Cooling Machine:
The skin cooler uses a compression device to compress the air and sprays cold air through the refrigeration device to continuously provide cold protection to the skin surface, so that the skin surface is protected from thermal damage caused by light and heat, so as to protect the epidermis, reduce pain and prevent the skin from being damaged. Under the premise of damaging the epidermis, the purpose of making high energy density act on the target tissue.

Application range:
It is mostly used for freckle removal, tattoo removal, hair removal, hypodermic injection, medical rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, etc. to replace the role of anesthetics and ice compresses
● Photoelectric instrument beauty
● Sports Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
● Orthopedic Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
● subcutaneous anesthesia

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