Air Pressure Lymph Drainage Massage Pressotherapy Machine VBS1-1


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Presoterapia Machine Pressotherapy
Pressotherapy devices come with a central control unit, which blows air into accessories that make a suit that covers the body of the patient. This suit has several parts corresponding to areas of the body, limbs and abdomen.

Pressotherapy Machine
Pressotherapy is a treatment that involves a modulated compression on the upper and lower limbs and abdomen, indicated in the case of oedema, water retention, circulatory problems and cellulite, providing an immediate feeling of well-being. This action exerts itself on the lymphatic and venous circulation, making it more functional and consequently improving circulation, metabolism and aesthetic imperfections. The pressure is not exerted simultaneously across the whole surface covered by the segments or leggings, but according to a centripetal sequence which is the same as that followed by the venous blood and the lymph circulation.

Product Name Max Air Pressure
Control Button control
Voltage 110V-220V
Air pressotherapy 0.1Mpa
Packing 55*41*42CM
G.W. 19KG
Type Air pressure
Certification CE
1 In 1 Functions Lymphatic drainage (Air pressotherapy)
Air Bags 16 Pcs
Power 80W

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