Cryolipolyse Fat Freeze Slimming Machine Body Shaping Machine

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Freeze Contour Max Applicators, you’ll also benefit from :
* Shorter Treatment Time: treatment cycles are 35 minutes, cutting treatment time by almost half
* Greater Comfort: Patients report 45% more comfort with the enhanced cup design.
* More tissue treated: the new design provides a larger cooling area, about 60% more tissue treated instead of two plates cooling system.

Why Choose Freeze Contour Max
Maximum Profitability
1. 100% Surrounding cooling applicator instead of 40% cooling plates on two sides of traditional applicator
2. Up to 4 applicators treated simultaneously allows maximum flexibility and effects
3. Complete body remodelling by various shapes and sizes of applicators
4. Shorten treatment time by half: 35 mins only
Maximum safety
1. Temperature deviation accurate to 0.1℃
2. Unique thermal and chill operation system, minimum reduce the risk of frostbite
3. Unified precise cooling temperature on both applicator and host
4. Double temperature control system provides double protection
Maximum Results
1. 4D Cooling approach ensures excellent cryolipolysis performance
2. 60% More fat treated in same cup size compared with typical cryolipolysis devices
3. 25% to 30% Permenant fat reduction in single session

Technical parameters:
Technology Thermal Shock & 360 Cryolipolysis Technology
Cooling Temperature -10℃ or -45℃ for optional
Heating Temperature 45℃
Applicators 4 Pcs for Body, 1 Double chin
Vacuum 100Kpa /700mhg
Power standard 100 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz; 220 V / 60 Hz
Control unit
8″ colour touch screen for all software operations,
1.2″ colour touch screen for each handpiece
Handpiece operation via both host display and handpiece display
Maximum power 1500 W

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