Electroporation Cooling Heating Skin Lifting Skin Calming Ion Wrinkle Removal Machine

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2 In 1 Electroporation Mono Polar Radio Frequency Lift Wrinkle Removal Machine

Working principle:
1MHz Multipolar RF and Electroporation Apollo duet is the most advanced aesthetic face skin caring system consisting of world class Radio Frequency and Electroporation technology. Thanks to the stable and customer friendly designed technologies, all the unique combination of Apollo Duet, such as multi polar RF, Electroporation, Cooling, Heating and +/- Polarities, provides various and effective programs to the user with high satisfaction. INDICATION – Collagen Regeneration – Tightening – Wrinkle improvement – Lifting – Face contouring – Post care of Laser – Alopecia – Brightening – Whitening – Melasma – Solution delivery – Acne care – Moisturizing

1.promote lymph circulation
2. Subtract expression lines, light bitter grain
3. Remove skin yellowish, to edema
4. 5. minus double chin effectively eliminate dark circles, eye bags
6. pores, promote blood circulation
7. anti-wrinkle, lifting his eyes
8. Activate the collagen layer of the skin and promote skin cell regeneration
9. increase flexibility, enhance facial contours firmer
10. promote fat dissolution.
Maximum Cooling temperature -10℃
Maximum Heating temperature 40℃

How to use
1. Wash the face with warm water to remove makeup residue.
2. Use ‘Heating’ to open pores (up to 40°c). For gentle rubbing, spread massage cream and use handpiece.
3. By electroporation, make fine hole on the surface of skin tissue which help penetration of active ingredient of skin care products such as highly enriched ampule or serum into the skin directly. These holes are temporarily open, they are closed when the procedure finish. During the procedure, You may feel pricky but it is natural phenomenon for making holes.
4. As a last step, use ‘Cooling’ to calm the skin & close pores (up to -10°c).

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