G5 Slimming Beauty Machine VB624E | G5 Vibration Body Massage Cellulite Machine

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Product Parameter
Product Name G5 Vibration Massager Slimming Machine VB624E
Type Portable
Voltage AC110-220V
Maximum Power 100W
Massage Head 5pcs
Color White
Application For Commercial & Home Use
Function Body Slimming, body massage
Packing Size 60*41*17cm
Weight 4.5kg

Working Principle
This equipment is based on the principle of physical therapy vibration. The vibration energy emitted by various shaped probes can dissolve fat layers and accelerate blood circulation to achieve body slimming effect. At the same time, it can effectively relieve muscles tension and fatigue, and remove puffiness.

1.Five different shaped massage heads
2.Operation time can be set in advance
3.Multiple speed levels adjustable
4.Easy and convenient operation

1.Body slimming and shaping
2.Blood circulation
3.Soothing the nerve system
4.Regulating endocrine
5.Removing muscle fatigue

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