Golden Eye Lifting Device RF Eye Care Machine

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Golden Eye Lifting
Golden Eye Lifting Device is a beauty device that breaks through the eye restricted area while taking care of facial lifting. Canalleviate eye fatigue, remove dark circles, bags under the eyes, improve fine lines on the corners of the eyes, improve eye shape, eliminate eye edema, online introduction of nutrition, facial lift, firmness, lighten the law lines, brighten skin, massage and other facials , Eye anti-aging maintenance problems.

Principle theory
(1) Radio Frequency Mechanism: RF waves penetrate through epidermis to dermis and heat the dermis collagen fiber to 55℃-65℃.
Collagen fiber shrink and loose skin is tightened. At the same time, the radio frequency heat stimulated collagen regeneration to recover skin elasticity and remove wrinkle.
(2) Vibration Mechanism: Hundreds of vibration per second further accelerates blood circulation, improve metabolism, muscle fatigue, muscle soreness and swelling.
(3) Infrared light Mechanism: Infrared wave is a kind of life electromagnetic wave 630nm wavelength.
(4) Nutrient solution leading Mechanism: Radio Frequency has strong deep leading function, it can lead special nutrient solution to deep tissue to stimulate the deep collagen regeneration, rebuilt soft tissue, so we get perfect refresh skin.

1.Eye part
Under-eye dark circle and under-eye puffiness improvement,Wrinkle removal, Eye corner lifting.
2.Face part
Face lifting, Skin tightening, Skin rejuvenation, Pore tightening, Wrinkle improvement.

1.Whiten skin
2.Eye stress relieve
3.Remove black eye circle
4.Tighten and lift skin

Three modes
1. High-frequency vibration massage
High-frequency vibration makes each step accelerate blood return, promote metabolism and relieve eye skin fatigue
2.RF radio frequency massage
* RF radio frequency gentle care
* Activate skin cells
* promote blood circulation
* Dilute melanin precipitation
* Lighten dark circles
3. Micro-electric import
EMS micro current helps reduce eye wrinkles and eliminate dark circles

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