High Pressure Hydra Moisturizing Machine

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Working Principle
The Needle-Free Mesotherapy Machine utilizes a high-pressure ejector to propel Hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients through the dermal layer of the skin without the need for needles. This innovative approach enables the ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin, where they are readily absorbed by the cells. The machine provides targeted treatments for skin whitening, anti-aging, and skin moisturizing. And it can achieve a smoother, more moisturized, and energized skin, as the cells absorb the essential nutrients and moisture provided by the active ingredients.

Product Parameter
Product name High Pressure Injection Mesotherapy Beauty Machine
Model number VB620
Technology Needle-Free Mesotherapy
Pressure 0.4 MPa
Display 7-inch touch screen
Voltage AC 220V
Power 265W
Package size 38.5*35.5*32cm
Package weight 8.8kg

Product Features
1.Needle-free nutrient injection—offers a safe and effective method of delivering nutrients and hydrating solutions to the skin with eliminating the risk of wounds, pain, or potential side effects associated with traditional needle-based injections.
2.High pressure for deep treatment—targets the underlying layers of the skin, promoting long-lasting hydration and overall skin health.
3.7-inch touch screen control—Touch screens in the main host, cavitation handle and vacuum roller make it convenient to operate
4.Customized treatment with adjustable dose and operation mode——Clear and simple parameter settings to meet various individual needs

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