Hydro Diamond Dermabrasion Machine – 6 In 1 Hydra Dermabrasion H2O2 Oxygen Aqua Peel Facial Machine

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H2O2 Oxygen Aqua Peel Facial Machine
This is newest 6 in 1 hydra oxygen aqua facial skin care machine using H2 O2 generator make the purified water into hydrogen and oxygen ions water, the hydrogen water particles are smaller than pores, so that the water molecule cells can quickly penetrate the dermis to clean the face and improve the moisturizing effect.

• Powerful additional functions, with detoxification suction pen, BIO face lift wrinkle, effect more secure.
• High-tech treatment techniques, the operation is more accurate, simple, water and oxygen can be fully integrated.
• Water, oxygen pressure regulating different parts of the treatment, the skin of different ages.
• Repetitive stimulation of oxygen and water to avoid skin edema. Super-cooling device, more stable performance, higher safety factor.

1) Rejuvenate sun damaged skin-face,neck,shoulders,back,arms and legs.
2) Reduce age spot.
3) Minimize of blotchy skin cloring.
4) Reduce acne and superficial scars from past injury.
5) Remove blackheads and white heads.
6) Reduce oily skin.
7) Improve overall skin healty.

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