Laser Hair Removal Machine | IPL Hair Removal Machine VB087

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Model VB087

Working Principle
1.OPT + SHR:
Optimal Pulsed Light + Super Hair Removal with “Inmotion” technology uses single pulse, more average light, avoiding skin burn, greatly improving treatment efficacy and safety, thus achieving rapid and permanent hair removal.
2.IPL + RF:
—— Hair removal: Penetrate and heat hair follicle to directly crush hair roots and nutrients, depriving hair generation ability without damaging surrounding tissues.
—— Skin rejuvenation: Penetrate deep skin tissues, generate heat to accelerate collagen regeneration, decompose skin melanin, denature and coagulate hemoglobin, resulting in vessel occlusion, thus achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation, freckle, redness removal, etc.

1.OPT + SHR+ IPL + RF —— better effect of hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
2.Stationary hair removal —— on hairline, armpit, upper lip, etc.
3.Inmotion hair removal —— rapid treatment on arms and legs, etc.
4.100,000 shots —— long lifespan.
5.5 cooling levels —— promote treatment comfort, avoid skin burn.
6.3 different filters —— 640nm for hair removal, 480nm for skin rejuvenation and acne removal, 530nm for freckle and redness removal.
7.6 working modes —— hair removal, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, redness removal, acne removal, OPT / SHR.
8.Single pulse —— more average light, avoiding skin burn.
9.Safer treatment —— filtering violet and infrared light.
10.Adjustable energy & frequency —— for individual needs and tolerance.

Hair removal
Freckle removal
Acne removal
Wrinkle removal
Redness removal
Skin rejuvenation
Skin firming

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