Laser Tattoo Removal Machine | Pigmentation Removal machine VB075

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Product Parameters
Product Name Portable Laser Tattoo Removal Permanent Makeup Removal Machine
Model VB075
Laser type Q-switched ND Yag Laser
Wavelength 1064nm& 532nm& 1320nm
Treatment heads 3pcs
Energy 10-2,000mj
Frequency 1-10Hz
Pulse duration < 10ns
Output power 500W
Input voltage AC100-240V; 50-60Hz
Screen 4.3-inch touch screen
Cooling system Self-contained closed water cycle
Package size 45×60×51cm
Gross weight 25kg

This laser tattoo removal machine is supported by Q-switched ND Yag laser which can penetrate the epidermis in a very short time (only 6nm) by the instantaneous emission of concentrated energy. It reaches the targeted tissue and quickly break up the chromatids, by which to remove birthmarks, tattoos, warts and tattooed makeup, such as tattooed eyebrow and lip tattoo.

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