Led Light Therapy Beauty Mask For Skin Care

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Product Parameters
Product Name LED Mask Facial Beauty Device
Model number VB412E
Type Rechargeable
Input voltage 5V 1A
3 led colors Red, blue, orange
Material ABS
Packing size 19*21*13cm
Gross weight 500g

1. 3 led colors—— red, blue and orange to treat different skin problems.
2. Thin and lightweight—— comfortable to wear on the face.
3. One button control——easy and simple to use.
4. USB rechargeable—— wireless operation, convenient to use.
5. Multiple functions—— brighten skin tone, smooth fine lines, reduce pigmentation.

Working Principle
The led mask adopts photon therapy to rejuvenate the skin. It has three led colors, red, blue and yellow. The red light can brighten the skin tone, the orange light can improve skin texture and the blue light can balance oil secretion to avoid clogged pores or pimples.

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