Lipo Laser Slimming Belt VB013 For Weight Loss

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Product parameter
Product Name 2 in 1 Red Light Therapy Belt
Model number VB013
Technology Light Photon Therapy
Color Blue / Black
Light wavelength 660nm / 850nm
Light bead quantity 105pcs
Function Body slimming + Pain relief
Product size 126*18cm
Package size 29*20*7cm
Gross weight 1.2kg

Working Principle
This light therapy belt combines red LED with infrared ray to deliver heat energy to deep skin layer of 660nm and 850nm to accelerate cell and collagen regeneration, stimulate acupuncture points, accelerate cell metabolism and blood circulation, so as to reduce fat and relieve muscle and joint pain.

1.2 kinds of lights —— Red LED + Infrared ray.
2.Dual effects —— fat reducing and pain relieving.
3.Effort & time saving —— 30min treatment burns 3000 calories.
4.105 light bead —— for quick and remarkable results.
5.Flexible wrap —— roll-up for carriage and storage.
6.Adjustable intensity —— for individual needs and tolerance.
7.Pocket designed —— available for placing mobile phone.

Pain relief
Fat loss

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