Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine | 3 In 1 SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

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IPL( Intensive pulse light) has the similar theory and system with lasers whereby light energy is aimed to specific target cells of the skin. The light energy is then translated into heat energy to the targeted area which may result in skin damage, then cause the natural healing process which will rebuilds new collagen and renovates broken capillaries and pigmented lesions.
SHR( Super Hair removal) with Single pulse mode emits energy averagely. With lower energy and repeated treatment on the same areas, it can gradually heat the hair follicle, and finally the accumulated heat cause the damage of hair follicle, and realize the real painfree hair removal treatment.

Product Name 3 In 1 SHR IPL Hair Removal Laser Machine VBL301A
Wavelength 480-1200nm or 530-1200nm or 640-1200nm
Counter Handle Yes
Spot Size 15*50mm2
Energy 1-50J/cm2
Continually shooting timer 1-30s
Pulse repetition rate 1-10 Hz
Pulse Single
Pulse on 2-15ms
Water temperature tank 38 degree
Display system 8.4“ colorful touch screen
Drive Power 1200W
Power supply 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz

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