No Needle Mesotherapy Injection Gun

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Serum Mesotherapy Injection Machine

“non-invasive electronic skin superconductivity system” is derived from the Italian non-invasive technology, the use of time is very short and strong intermittent pulse current, in the case of no harm to the skin, instantly open the water channel between skin cells, thereby increasing the penetration of the skin, and these channels by the specific control current transmitted to the human body open, and allow ionized drugs (substances) absorbed into the dermis layer and fascia, the core technology advantage is to be able to introduce macromolecular substances, thereby replacing injection.

Extra BIO Whitening
Wrinkle Removal
Skin Firming Serum
Skin Regeneration
BIO Skin Purify
Skin Sensitivity Decreasing
Striae of Pregnancy Removal
BIO Freckle Dispelling
Body Slimming

1.It can accurately locate and apply evenly, no need for any compensatory patches, gels and media compounds.
2.With the real-time controllable electrical pulse intensity and dose, the depth of transdermal penetration can reach the cortex and sarcolemma, which make the curative effect is more excellent.
3.Through real-time feedback of skin impedance to ensure successful application.
4.With 100% skin fit can avoid product waste, and be safe from external media.
5.The electrical pulse opens the skin water-based protein (water-based channel), and both micromolecules and macromolecules can pass through.
6.It will not produce electrolysis, change the PH value of the drug, and will not cause the loss of efficacy of the drug.

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