Portable Body Slimming Machine | Fat Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine VB245C

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Portable 40k cavitation slimming machine

Product Parameters
Product Name 40K Cavitation Fat Blasting Body Slimming Machine
Model number VB245C
Color White
Material PC
Power 60W
Output energy 35-60J/cm2
Cavitation frequency 40KHz
Packing size 28*28*13cm
Gross weight 4kg

Working Principle
The 40KHZ cavitation can accelerate the motivation of the fat cells with high-frequency vibration to promote fat consumption. The dissolved fat cells will be exerted out from the body through body metabolism. Meanwhile, the high-frequency vibration will enhance the vitality of skin cells to tighten, lift and firm the skin.

Machine Features
1. 40KHz high frequency vibration—— efficient to dissolve the fat cells to achieve body slimming.
2. Simple to operate—— one handpiece to slim the whole body.
3. Safe and non-invasive—— painless, much safer and no down time after treatment.
4. Applicable for whole body areas—— it can be used on waist, arms, legs, thigh and hip.

Body slimming
Skin tightening
Hip lifting
Body shaping

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