Portable Cryotherapy Machine Double Chin Slimming Lipo Laser Pad 40K Cavitation RF Body Weight Loss Machine

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Surprise effects:
1.With a single treatment subjects had a 20 % reduction after two months .
2.The lipolytic effect of treatment takes place within about two to four months.
3.It is primarily applicable for limited discrete fat bulges.

Competitive advantages:
1.the latest design
2.easy to operation and maintain
3.Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatment
4.Easy operation, easy study
5. Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns
6.Specialized in production of medical and aesthetic equipments for many years
7.The professional and innovative engineers are the pioneers of optoelectronics in China
8.Spare parts self produced, production cost is in control

Cryolipolysis Procedure:
The cryolipolysis procedure involves the use of an applicator that cools the fat cells in the targeted area of your body for a simple, natural fat removal process. An applicator cup is then attached to deliver a gentle vacuum pressure that draws tissue between the cooling panels.
The treated fat cells are removed though natural metabolic processes within the body, similar to the way fat from food is removed. This allows for a gradual reduction in fat from targeted areas to create a slimmer, more defined appearance. The Cryolipolysis procedure usually takes two or more hours to perform, depending on the size of the area being treated.

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