Portable Infrared EMS RF Facial Beauty Device Golden Finger Massager Microcurrents Machine

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1. Control panel, easy to set heat and micro current intensities, easy to use, display numbers and patterns on the screen, the operation is more intuitive.
2. Charging function, fast endurance, only need to charge once, it can be used for about 90 minutes.
3. Eye, face, neck threepurpose, full lifting massage.
4. Lifting and shaping the face, microcurrent massage stimulation, helping to shape the V face.
5. Relax the skin around the eyes, relieve fatigue and dryness caused by longterm use of the eyes.
6. Longterm bending over the desk, longterm bowing, EMS pulse massage to relax the neck muscles.
7. Dredge the meridians, back scraping therapy, make you feel comfortable.

Magic Diamond finger, Gravitation instrument It can be charged directly on the instrument, Diamond finger Wear on fingers, The big one is the thumb, (index finger, middle finger and ring finger are of the same specification and medium size), small tail finger, wear on the corresponding hand, There are 8 levels of micro electricity, 3 micro electricity modes, and 3 levels of heating. Magic Diamond finger heating and light synchronous control, There are three gears,one gears is H, two gears is L the light will Luminescence, three gears L and H the light will Luminescence together.

A Wrinkle remeoval
B Body massage
C Body slimming

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