Portable Pain Relief Equipment | Physical Therapy Machine VB238B

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Product Parameter
Product name Portable Shockwave Therapy Machine
Model number VB238B
Technology Shockwave therapy
Type Plug-in
Voltage AC100V-240V
Handle quantity 1pc
Operating head 7pcs standard (+ 3pcs optional made of soft silicon)
Frequency 16 levels (1-16Hz)
Energy output 12 levels (25-105MJ)
Package size 17.5*11.5*22cm
Package 2.6kg

Working Principle
The system transmits energy to the applicator that generates and delivers shock waves to your injured tissue, promoting blood circulation, triggering body’s natural healing response to reduce pain and stimulate healing.

Product Structure
Features & Functions
Non-invasive, non-surgical, no downtime
7 operating heads standard equipped
Interrupts pain neurotransmitter
Reverses chronic inflammation
Dissolves calcium build-up
Treats erectile dysfunction
Stimulates blood flow
Relaxes trigger points
Helps reduce cellulite
In-home treatment available

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