Portable Ultrasonic 40khz Cavitation Slimming Machine VB236

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Multipolar circulation RF instrument can change several millions times of the biological tissue’s electric field and polarity which be treated within 1 second. It promotes the subcutaneous natural resistance to generate heat energy by movement.It is heated and stimulates dermis to secrete more new collagen, fills collagen vacancy. Then it holds up skin framework again and recovers skin elasticity.

1. Facial wrinkles removal
2. Lift and firm
Forehead, eyes around, cheek, neck’s lifting and firming, shrink coarse pole, remove double chin.
3. Body shaping
Shaping of tenuous body, remove excess fat, fade out stretch marks, firm skin.
4. Shape body curve
Being praised because figure has change, flat waist and abdomen, shoulder and back become thin. Being sexy whatever to wear.

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