RF Cavitation Machine | 80k Radio Frequency Body Slimming Lipo Shaping machine


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Model VB317C

Working Principle
1.80K Cavitation + Blue LED: high-frequency ultrasonic vibrates fat cells at top speed, resulting in introverted blast without harming surrounding tissues, while blue light suppresses bacteria, diminishes inflammation, calms and repairs skin.
2.Micro-current + Red LED + Heat: magnetic energy with heating, dredges meridians, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic detox, alleviates back pain, shoulder periarthritis, waist and leg weakness, etc. while red light can reduce pockmarks, scars, wrinkles and dark spots, whiten, soften skin, increase skin elasticity.
3.RF + Vacuum + Red / Blue / Green LED: RF energy combined with vacuum penetrates deep skin, generating heat to accelerate metabolism, collagen contraction and regeneration, activate adipose tissue, improve blood circulation and lymphatic detox, so as to reduce fat, relieve fatigue, firm skin, reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, while green light calms skin and mind, reduces skin oil secretion.
4.Vibration + Heat: Vibration with precise heat under epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous adipose tissue, resulting in immediate tissue contraction and long-term collagen regeneration, so as to increase skin elasticity, brighten skin, warm uterus, firm abdomen, alleviate dysmenorrhea, dizziness, headache, fatigue, insomnia, lumbar, cervical pain, etc.

1.7 technologies —— 80K cavitation, RF, vacuum, micro-current, LED light therapy, vibration, heat.
2.3 LED lights —— red, green and blue light for different functions.
3.15 intensity levels —— for cavitation, RF + LED, micro-current and heat functions.
4.5 vacuum intensity levels —— selective according to personal situation.
5.3 vacuum RF handles —— of different sizes for treatment on different parts.
6.Different working modes —— of cavitation, micro-current and vacuum.
7.Adjustable working time —— for different individual needs.
8.Safe and comfortable —— non-invasive, painless, no side effects.

Weight loss
Skin firming
Skin brightening
Wrinkle removal
Lymphatic detox
Cellulite reducing
Skin elasticity increase

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