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TMA is a unique medical device that harnesses the force of nature to re-shape skin technology. Powered by our proprietary Thermo-Mechanical Action Technology (TMA), TMA combines heat and motion. Its medical grade in situ sterile titanium tip gently applies pure natural heat to the skin, safely moving forward for visible results. TMA is suitable for all skin types and for a wide variety of aesthetic and medical treatments.

Thermo-Mechanical Action Technology (TMA)
TMA has a graphic user interface with just two treatment parameters. It is simple to use, with a quick learning curve so that treatment can be easily and safely delegated.

A medical-grade titanium tip is located in the handpiece and is reusable and easy to clean. This in situ pre-heated tip is also sterile upon operation. As the tip moves forward and makes very brief contact with the skin, thermal energy is transferred. There is no emitted radiation, smoke, fumes or bleeding. Furthermore, goggles are not required as the system is eye safe.

Customize patient treatment precisely: TMA’s 2 handpieces – facial and periorbital – can be used for large (1 cm2) and small (0.3 cm2) treatment areas. The periorbital handpiece is ideal for around the eyes, on narrow treatment areas around the nose, on deep wrinkles on upper lips, and stretch marks.

During treatment, the pins are introduced to the surface of the skin at a precisely-controlled speed and create brief contact with the skin lasting only a few milliseconds. This enables the thermal energy stored in the pins to be transferred to the skin. The thermal transfer results in an array of tiny non-ablative coagulation sites. Because the tiny tip pyramids hold a limited amount of energy, burns and tissue charring are prevented.

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