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Product Parameters
Product name Skin D Cooling Machine
Type VBSC670
Frequency 50-60HZ
Probe diameter 37mm
Rated voltage 110-220V
Power 72W
Cool temperature -15°
Hot temperature 40°
Technology cool + hot + EMS
Size 28*28*10cm
Weight 3.5kg

Skin D Cool Machine Feature
1. Offer effective post care after laser & MTS treatment
2. One machine with multiple function.
3. Technology: cool + hot + EMS.
4. Temperature: -15°~ 40°.
5. Easy operation.

Main Function
1. Promote skin care products absorption.
2. Improve skin elasticity.
3. Skin rejuvenation.
4. Anti-wrinkle.
5. Shrink pores.
6. Promote blood circulation.
7. Eliminate eye dark circle and pouch.

How to operate
1. Connect all the lines.
2. Put water into device.
3. Turn on power switch.
4. Set temperature.
5. Press multifunctional key to start.
6. Set RF EMS intensity: press multifunctional key.

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