Tecar Therapy Physiotherapy | Monopolar RF Physical Diathermia Therapy Machine

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Model VBRF600

How Physical Diathermia Therapy Therapy System works?
The physical diathermia therapy technology is based on the proven CET& RET System (Capacitive Resistive Electrical Transfer). By working at a frequency, the technology generates three biological effects: biostimulation, vascularisation and hyperactivation. These processes increase metabolic cell activity, blood flow and circulation whilst improving tissue and cell oxygenation. The effects also support the creation of new collagen, detoxify tissue and support lymphatic drainage.

Diathermia radiofrequency treatments have a deeply regenerating effect and give your skin and body new life. Treatments encourage new cell regeneration, helps to break down fat cells, reshape, and firm and tone whilst encouraging oxygenation and moisturization. This helps to lift and tightening the skin. Areas treated face, stomach, saddle bags, upper arms, and cellulite.

While some Aesthetic treatments can cause damage to the tissue, Radiofrecuencia Deep Care treatments are non-invasive, have no downtime and cause no damage. In fact, the treatments provide a pleasant sensation, which can be relaxing for patients, whilst providing visible results from the first session.

Safe and reliable, our technology enables you to treat a wide range of patients with minimal restrictions. With there are no skin color contraindications, allowing you to treat patients of any skin color and also tanned skin.

Visceral Fat Management:
1. Effectively promote visceral fat metabolism, healthy fat loss, and safe weight loss.
2. Effectively promote blood circulation and dredge blood vessels. Improve immunity
Increase body temperature and enhance immunity
3. Effectively drain swelling, increase local blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. Improve sub-health
4. Effectively improve fatty liver.

Treatment range: Face lifting, wrinkle removal, firming, product introduction, lymphatic drainage. Body: dredge the chest, lose weight, improve shoulder and neck pain, remove dampness and cold, and improve female uterine cold.

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