Ultrasonic Machine VB645 | 3 in 1 Vacuum Cavitation System

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Product parameter
Product Name 3 in 1 RF Cavitation Slimming Machine
Type VBJF645
Voltage AC110-220V
Power 90W
Handpiece 3pcs
RF frequency 1MHz
Cavitation frequency 40KHz
Packing size 38.5*39.5*27cm
Gross weight 6.5kg

3 in 1 RF Cavitation Slimming Machine Features
1.Simple to use—— with only one button and a touch screen to control.
2.3 treatment handpieces—— cover the treatment of the whole body.
3.2 technologies combined—— 40KHz cavitation and 1MHz radio frequency.
4.Smaller size—— it is compacter than other cavitation machines, easy to store.
5.Multiple functions—— body slimming, fat reduction, skin tightening, wrinkle smoothing.

Working Principle
The machine adopts RF and ultrasonic cavitation. The 40KHz cavitation can accelerate the friction and activity among fat cells to enhance the metabolism so as to blast the fat and achieve body slimming. The RF technology can deliver thermal energy into the dermis layer, promoting collagen production to tighten and firm the skin.

Fat reduction
Body slimming & shaping
Skin tightening
Wrinkle smoothing
Facial skin lifting

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