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Product Parameter
Product name Vacuum Breast Enlargement Machine
Model number VB024D
Technology Vacuum cupping
Type Desktop
Color White
Rated voltage 100-240V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Vacuum power 45-55cmHg
Cup quantity 30pcs + 3 metal heads
Package size 37*37*33cm
Gross weight 5.25kg

Working Principle
Vacuum cupping: with automatic suction and release to perform physical massage on the breast, dredge the breast meridians and promote blood circulation, solve the problem of expansion and sagging, enhance elasticity, firmness and roundness of the breast. Similarly, it can also promote the shape of hips.

1.Multifunctional —— breast enlarging, butt lifting, cupping, scrapping, etc.
2.33 cups —— of different sizes and for different functions.
3.Multi-applicable sites—— face, breast, hips, back, etc.
4.Adjustable intensity —— for individual needs and tolerance.
5.Portable size —— cost-saving, convenient to use and store.
6.Air cooling —— for stable and comfortable treatment.

Breast enlarging
Buttock lifting
Weight loss
Lymphatic detox
Body massage
Wrinkle removal
Elasticity increase

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