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Model VBSP2

Vacuum adsorption principle: uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to draw the local parts of the body. It can help you excavate meridians and press the chest firmly and give it the effect of round fluctuations.

HEALTH CARE & BODY SHAPE – which can play both breast enhancement and cupping It can also relax muscles, keep fit, stimulate breasts and promote the release of hormones to make your chest plump and lustful.
Heating function: effectively activates breast acupuncture points, increase the rate of free fat blocking horts, helpful to activating the vitality of breast cells, toxins detoxification in addition to promoting metabolism, microcirculation, prevention of pectoric hyperplasia, pain etc.
Safe: made of non-toxic ABS and silicone material, physical breast enhancement, safer to use, the all-round net type cover as an accessory, direct contact with the chest.
Suitable for: all skin types, ideal for those who suffer from dysplasia chest, flat chest, sagging breast due to breastfeeding, deformed breasts, etc.

Breast enhancements without the need for surgery isn’t a dream
Why women go for breast lifts?
Most women looking for breast lifts fall into one or more of the following categories:
*Loss of firmness and shape due to childbearing and breastfeeding
*Breasts have become stretched and so sag as a result of vigorous exercise
*Excessive weight loss, which can also leave skin sagging and loose
*Plumpness and firmness around the breasts deteriorate due to age
*A woman is naturally flat-chested and so has small breasts
In addition to the above gravity takes its toll on our bodies over the years causing us to lose elasticity and suppleness in the skin, and this can add to the loss of firmness and fullness in breast shape and size.

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