Vacuum Therapy Cupping Machine VB047 For Breast Massage

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Product Parameter
Product name Vacuum Cupping Therapy Breast Lift Machine
Model number VB047
Technology Vacuum Cupping Therapy
Type Desktop
Voltage AC100V-240V
Power 12W
Vacuum <-80kPa
Breast cup 3 pairs (80ml / 90ml / 120ml)
Cupping & scraping cup 9 pairs
Metal head 3pcs
Package size 38*32*20cm
Gross weight 4.65kg

Vacuum cupping: Automatic suction and release, with cups of different sizes to perform physical massage, dredge meridians and promote blood circulation, reduce sagging, enhance elasticity, firmness and roundness of breasts and hips, reduce fat and relax muscles by scraping and cupping.

Breast Massage
Hip CurveFacial Care
Waist Shaping

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