Water Dermabrasion Spa Machine | Skin Care Facial Machine

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Advantages of Skin Care Facial Machine
1. Strong spray power: Upgrade the spray pump pressure to make the output stronger.
2. Whirlpool suction: Hydrogen and oxygen water bubble whirlpool, stronger cleaning power.
3. Anti-leakage: The piston of the jet pump is closer to each other, and no air or liquid is leaked.
4. Low noise: high-precision materials, more stable internal skeleton components.
5. Unique screen: high-definition sensitive touch, screen angle can be 6. Silicone design: skin-friendly material silicone, non-slip and more hand-feel.

1. Non-invasive Water Mesotherapy Injection
Non-invasive high-pressure 800KPA pressure injection, will produce high oxygen to quickly direct the nutritional products directly to the dermis layer, so that nutrients are easily absorbed and stimulate protein regeneration.
2. Plasma Sterilization
The use of high-frequency voltage electrolyzes oxygen in the air to produce ozone. It can kill bacteria, fungi and mites in a short time, and inhibit inflammation, and the effect of removing acne is obvious.
3. Hydrogen and Oxygen Cleaning
With up to 92KPa negative pressure suction, combined with the hot and cold adjustable mode, hydrogen ion water with a concentration of up to 1480ppb can be instantly used to clean the stratum corneum and hair follicles with a unique rotation, and increase skin elasticity.
4. Rolling Radio Frequency
The rolling ball simulates the kneading action, and the bipolar RF radio frequency Y shape is more suitable for stimulating the new reorganization of subcutaneous collagen. Aiming at sagging eye bags, eye corner wrinkles, and chin contour, from the inside to the outside, from top to bottom, the contour is tightened.
5. Cold Calm
Physical cooling, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the temperature is 0-5 degrees Celsius, it calms the skin and shrinks the capillaries, makes the pores tighten the skin, eliminates redness and swelling, and beautifies the skin.
6. Ultrasonic
Ultrasound activates skin cells at a frequency of 1 to 3 million vibrations per minute, promotes nourishment and absorption of cells, and makes the absorption rate of cells reach more than 90%..

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