Zimmer Cold Air Cooling Machine | Skin Cooling Pain Relief Machine

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Skin Cooling machine uses the most advanced Germany’s refrigeration technology, the internal cooling system intakes air directly and exhausts cold air at the proper temperature which sprays on the treatment areas of the patient, in order to cool the skin and prevent from skin burns.

Feature of skin Cooling Machine:
1.The cold skin machine features cooled air for efficient pain treatment, swelling reduction and muscle relaxation. The system enables cryo therapy with precise placement and at a constant dosage, every time. The device uses no consumables and delivers high power. This enables a quick decrease in superficial skin temperature, while maintaining the ability to operate all day.
2.Skin Cooling machine is a non-contact cooling method, greatly reduces the risk of contact infection and allergy and enhance the comfort level to the patience during treatment.Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the cryo cooling machine decreases the skin temperature quicker, with less risk of skin burns and keeps a constant dosage throughout the entire treatment time.
3.Flexible to operate, no consumables or additional costs,fashionable, economic and professional.

1. It can produce continuous cooling wind to target tissue to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and ipl treatment, provide temporary relief for cosmetic injections.
2. Wind speed (cold air) and cooling time can be adjusted from level 1-7 and cooling time 1-60 minutes on screen according to patient’s comfort.
3. The cooling level can be up to -30 degree, so in actual therapy laser or ipl can use high power to performhigh efficient and fast treatment.
4. Flexible to operate, no consumables or additional costs, fashionable, economic and professional.

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